Company Profile

VACO technologies is your guide on the path to success. prosperity. stability.

Business - is the interaction of people to achieve common goals, so we offer our customers efficient and convenient tools to improve business processes both within the company and externally with customers and partners. Using information and communication solutions and products to increase business productivity, to improve cooperation within the company and to establish productive relationships with clients, to increase the mobility of business and to create conditions for full transparency of internal business processes.

Our Activities

Experience and understanding the essence of business and knowledge Ukrainian specification of company allows our experts to solve the whole range of problems of using information technology in business.

During the projects implementation, our experts work closely with leading manufacturers of hardware and software that enables a number of competitive advantages:

-within of infrastructure projects, carried out non-standard solutions, according to customer requirements, performed by the manufacturer with the highest consideration of the features to the project

-during the integration of products and solutions, expansion of staff functionality is possible that may be built-in into existing customer systems without loss of business processes efficiency

We work with customers individually, developing our solutions based on products of leading manufacturers.

Our activities


Internet access.


Locating your server hardware on our sites and letting our server capacity.

Outsourcing & Service

Maintenance of your hardware and service.

Audit of networks & IT systems

Researching and analysis of networks and hardware.

Monitoring and optimization of IT infrastructure

Continuous analysis and care for client's IT Infrastructure, its continuous improvement and optimization.

Designing of network solutions

The development of the project networks and IT solutions for them.

Telecommunication solutions

Implementation of telecommunication solutions of any complexity.

Information security

Ensuring confidentiality, integrity and data availability of our client.

Corporate networks

Construction of corporate networks.

Engineering solutions

Unifying network systems, providing their integration and interaction.

Control systems and control access

Designing and implementation of access control systems.

CCTV (Closed-circuit television) & Supervision

Construction of CCTV and monitoring


Providing wireless Internet access in cities.
Bridges construction for data transmission over long distances using wireless technologies.
Networks design and letting of data channels for wireless technologies.