Mission and goals of the company

VACO technologies mission

We strive to be leaders in technologies and to provide them into real projects and solutions. We make technologies valuable for our customers and partners through professional solutions, service and consulting services throughout Ukraine, following steadfast principles in the growth of our company:

  • workplace where employees are respected;
  • cultural diversity;
  • the highest standards of work;
  • customer satisfaction;
  • profitability.

The main objective – to feel the excitement of the creation and implementation of projects and solutions, using technologies for the benefit and people’s enjoyment.

The goals of VACO technologies

  • to get a leading position in the market, to make VACO technologies a leading brand name in its categories;
  • improving management of systems and networks, and Internet-related technology services;
  • to accelerate the growth of the company at the national level;
  • to direct our experience into Internet and Communication fields using new market opportunities.

We always exceed customers’ expectations, and focused on good and long-term relationships with our clients. Flexibility in approach is the key of our success.