Colocation (collocation or co-location) in literally English means "co-residence" and in this case - the placement of servers in the data center. It is very important to correctly choose where and under which conditions your hardware will be able to work stably and effectively.

VACO technologies offers colocation at the best savings rates. Guaranteed Bandwidth is available to users on all tariff plans. No hidden payments for "placing equipment" and technical support should please many customers. Server Colocation – is a service for projects of different complexity, which have their own hardware and which require high demands on technical provider's platform.

The choice of data center for colocation

Nowadays it is hard to make a right choice of the data center. Today, only Kiev has about 100 commercial data centers. Every colocation price is almost the same anywhere, but choosing the best platforms to set physical servers you should pay attention on:

  • Regular broadband Internet access;
  • Uninterruptible power supply;
  • Needed climatic conditions that always supported in the turbine hall;
  • Secure territory for your hardware location.

Our data center meets all these requirements.

Why should choose VACO technologies to place your servers?

  • Advantageous prices savings rates for Colocation in Ukraine;
  • A certain amount of free IP-addresses at every tariff plan "colocation";
  • Opportunity of accommodation and budget proposals for Colocation Server-form-factor (Nettop, Tower);
  • Providing guaranteed bandwidth at all tariffs;
  • The possibility of physical and remote access of clients for working with their hardware;
  • The flexibility of our proposals - the possibility of increasing of guaranteed bandwidth, you can also order a backup of your data;
  • Possibility of selecting individual tariff, according to your width allocated bandwidth, amount of IP addresses and other additional options;
  • Wholesale colocation promotional offers (48 unit, 24 unit, etc.);
  • Discounts and bonuses for our regular customers or by placing hardware on long-term;
  • Assisting in a physical installation of a server at the client’s request.