Designing of networks and IT solutions

Designing of networks and IT solutions

Designing of infrastructure solutions - the first and the most main condition for the full functioning systems. Designing begins with the study and analysis of the future system at several levels: cable system, equipment to be used and software. At this stage, can to get answers for several questions: which task will perform network or solution, what will be kind of basic data networks, how will happen protection of data and information, which outputs will be on the outside and directly to the Internet.

Depending on the got analysis results, shall be elected one of the alternative ways of infrastructure solutions. If it is network solutions, then is selected form of a data network. Nowadays the main among them is local networks, territorial networks, private networks, mobile networks, networks of Internet service providers, wireless networks and more.

For the type of network or infrastructure solution implemented by functional planning, in which defines the requirements for equipment, control system, security, support and ensuring for faultlessness of the system. Then follows a stage of physical design infrastructure (cable networks and placement of equipment). Finalized the designing of networks and infrastructure solutions in designing software that will ensure the control system.

Designing of data network and infrastructure solutions – is the process in which begins the existence of a particular system or solution. Wrong to think that designing of infrastructure solutions and systems - it is a moment which should not be given due attention, in contrast to the direct construction of communication networks and infrastructure solutions, or the assumption of the possibility to do without the project and documentation, that this is only a combination of several types of equipment using cables and hubs.Such methods of networking and infrastructure solutions can lead to high cost realization of the project or its embodiment wrong and as a result - to additional costs for its processing, modernization and repair.

In the process of designing any kind of solution or system should be considered a wide range of issues that relate to the project. Need to pay attention to the results of the analysis of the existing infrastructure, the implementation of which tasks and functions will be entrusted to the future or solution, physical placement of components or telecommunication of network or solution, which is designed, addressing issues of information security, the type and kind of connection to the general system engineering solutions, the connection to the local network and Internet, decision of questions for managing user access rights etc..