VACO technologies is your guide on the path to success. prosperity. stability.

Business - is the interaction of people to achieve common goals, so we offer our partners to look deeper and widen the range of what they propose to their customers. We believe that innovations enrich not only technical side of our life, but first of all – emotional. That is why we take care of positive emotions of our customers and partners. We do our best to make our partners feel comfortable and confident during cooperation with Vaco Tech.

Introducing the newest and most progressive products and services to the market has become our way of life. Come on, join us in this wonderful adventure!

What we actually do:

Constantly searching for new ideas, solutions and supplies to fit all the requirements of the modern market. We bring innovations to Ukraine

Researching the market and evaluating demand for the products we propose to our partners

Cooperating directly with the manufacturers in order to propose our partners best pricing and servicing solutions

Going through required customs and certification procedures to ensure all products we introduce are responding technical and legislative norms of Ukraine

Localizing the products to make them perfectly fit Ukrainian market

Provide full warranty service and maintenance of the products

Building flexible relations depending in our partners’ needs and expectations

Thinking one step ahead and taking care of satisfying not only our partners, but their customers as well

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via disribution@vaco.net.ua. we will be pleased to help you.

Brands we distribute: