VACO technologies is Internet service provider (ISP) with many years of experience. We offer high quality solutions to connect our clients in the Kyiv, using the most modern technology with the ability to provide a channel of optical fiber connection to the wireless radio bridge of wide bandwidth.

We offer Internet access for corporate clients, rent of digital communication channels (both wired and wireless), thus providing flexibility and systematicity in meeting your needs.

VACO technologies offers a full range of modern communication services and access to information resources of Internet. Due to the availability of secure connections, you get the best quality and reliability of the connection. Experienced technical support provides permanent information service of your business.

High-speed data transmission

For the modern business a fast and stable Internet connection is the key to success. VACO technologies provides high-speed connections with high bandwidth, which will serve as a foundation of modern business processes, and contribute to their development.

Digital communication channels

To unite several remote offices and provide information exchange between them, VACO technologies constructs its protected channel to the territory of your business, using both wired and wireless solutions depending on the customer's preferences, geography decisions, complexity and deadlines.

The widespread use of wireless data transmission technologies

Our company owns licenses and permits for using of broadband technology data that enables us more flexible approach to meeting customer needs and providing a wide range of services to our customers.