Corporate networks

Corporate networks

The basis for the reliable operation of business processes is a reliable network infrastructure, regardless of the scale and type of activity. The security and reliability of the corporate network is the basis of the company, failures in the networks lead to direct financial losses of the company. The corporate network can consist of many interrelated subsystems, each performing its function and role in operations and maintenance of the company.

The basis for the implementation and using of a variety systems and information apps, vitally important for effective and successful organization is a local area network. It is a universal medium for the transmission of various types of network traffic - data, voice, and video, such as systems of video supervision, video communication and more.

Main requirements which concern to the corporate network, consisting of granting of all necessary telecommunications and information services to departments of the company while optimizing capital costs of establishing and minimizing the cost of service. Based on this, the principles of constructing corporate networks include:

  • transmission of all types of traffic must pass through one channel of communication, in other words, the corporate network must be multi-service;
  • the corporate network should be built on open standards and interfaces with the goal to provide possibility of increasing network and uniting it with other networks.
  • Modern trends of development of corporate information systems is the centralization of computing resources with possibility of access to them from anywhere (from any geographically distant point). For realization of this architecture, it is necessary that the corporate system meets certain requirements, such as, it should be reliable, secure, efficient and cover all the remote departments and branches. Territorially distributed network is designed to provide high-speed data transfer between branches and should allow to organize the necessary level of communication for employees, customers, partners, without reference to their location. Modern level of wireless data transmission technology allows to organize wireless access to corporate resources of company with the same quality and speed which provided by wired networks

    Using wireless data transmission technologies provides a number of advantages. These include the lack of costs for cabling, speed deployment of network structure, mobility of employees. The implementation of such solutions allows employees quickly and operational to solve put before them business problems in any time and in any place

    Implementation of construction corporate network includes:

  • maximum transparency of information space for the customer;
  • creating of a uniform medium integrated communications;
  • flexibility and control of telecommunications services.

VACO Technologies Company offers its customers a wide range of solutions developed on the basis of technologies of world's leading vendors. Possible to build multiservice of systems with the integration of components and platforms of various manufacturers of equipment. They are:

  • corporate IP telephony;
  • corporate e-mail;
  • distributed repositories of data storage;
  • videoconferencing;
  • other telecommunication services.