Information security

Information security

Confidentiality of information plays a key role in providing the key benefits of the business model of the company over the business model competitor. Ensuring the successful resolution of the issue of information security and the preservation of confidential insider information for specific sectors is equivalent to the existence of the enterprise and a successful solution of the problem of information security in the enterprise is the key and requires active participation in implementing projects not only technical specialists, but also leadership. The main risks for the information security of company are a breach of confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of information assets.

Under information assets means data, loss, replacement or destruction of which is critical for business and equivalent to loss of competitive advantage.

The information - is the main resource in the business activities, so to protect it requires special attention. Any alteration, loss or destruction of company data can be critical and to cause irreparable harm to the business.Except of protection of information security, the information security also involves protection of basic information resources of company which ensure to fulfill of business processes. These include protection systems of the network infrastructure, perimeter protection systems, server protection systems and applications.

Modern information structure systems of the company, in addition to security features enable to optimize the use of working time of employees and to optimize business administration costs by increasing worker productivity.

Information security system is not the only the way, it is a complex of measures.Even if one system breaks down, the other should to protect information resources.

VACO technologies company has experience of practical implementation of information security systems of different difficulty levels for commercial and government agencies.