Control Systems and Access Control

Control Systems and Access Control

Control Systems and Access Control - are an effective checkpoints solution for the company that will provide to manage of company security and to implement controlling functions. The complex systems of control and access control can solve a number of security issues, discipline, personnel records and accounting, to create automated workstations for security. A set of functions that perform access control system, makes it possible using the system to perform specific tasks exactly for your business or facility (for your company or object).

The access control system is the intellectual locks at the checkpoints and doors of your company. Of course, this lock means a large number of devices that provide access control and limit the penetration into the premises (buildings, territory, etc.). The executive device into access control system may be the lock (electromechanical or electromagnetic) and electromagnetic latch, turnstile, lifting gate, etc.. All the differences of existing access control systems are defined by on how much reliable, quality and convenient for the user are carried out control functions.

The access control system is implemented "turnkey" has several functions, including:

  • access division of employees;
  • registration of clients and visitors;
  • an electronic records of employees and visitors;
  • account of working hours of companies.

Correct choice of checkpoint systems affects the security of the company, and on the comfort of employees. Due to our flexibility and providing of broad opportunities modification of security systems, we are able to meet these customer requirements in full.Automated system of access control - is a modern, convenient and effective tool for ensure the safety of companies. The structure of the access control system includes a wide range of control devices.

Specialists of VACO technologies company perform the project performance as with traditional systems based on protocol RS-485 and with other system solutions based on IP-protocol. Also, our specialists implement an access control system based on the biometric sensors.