Telecommunication solutions

Telecommunication solutions

Experts of VACO technologies have long and successfully engaged in the development and implementation of communications solutions, and from their own experience made sure: the largest effect is the use of these technologies in the highly competitive sectors of the economy - retail, finance, mobile communications. The optimal and effective transport solutions for companies in conditions of high competition in the market is a key factor in achieving the success. Direction of the telecommunications solutions was and is one of the main activities of VACO technologies company.

The engineering potential of experts of our company allows us to implement solutions at any level of complexity in data networks. It can be solution from the organization leased lines and construction of backbone networks to the construction of the mainline wireless bridges using broadband data transmission technology.

Modern transport networks should be intellectual, multiservice, broadband and to be dedicated to providing the final consumer services with guaranteed quality. Modern networks should be oriented in the direction of convergence.

Also our company offers telecommunications solutions based on the wireless radio communication. Such solutions are attractive for telecom operators and other customers in cases where is no other alternative for the deployment of data networks that serving mobile subscribers, or in regions with a bad infrastructure development of the communications.

Nowadays, VACO technologies company offers the following list of telecom solutions:

  • corporate data networks;
  • local area network;
  • safe Internet access;
  • networks of broadband wireless access;
  • security systems of data networks;
  • solution for control of Internet traffic;
  • network infrastructure management;
  • systems of corporate telephony;
  • systems of multimedia software.