CCTV & Supervision

CCTV & Supervision

The main task of CCTV systems is the implementation of visual control of the protected area. Also, working CCTV systems prevents illegal entry into the territory of the enterprise, performs a signal alarm in the security room and has the function of recognizing license plates. Nowadays, surveillance is considered among of the most reliable methods of complex security of premises and territories. CCTV can perform control of the movement of both human and vehicles throughout the protected area. If CCTV installed and connected by the qualified specialists, it will be a reliable guarantee of security and peace on the territory of your company.

VACO technologies company provides a wide range of quality services associated with CCTV systems. These include working on the design, providing of quality functional equipment, installation and commissioning. In the list of solutions is CCTV systems for any type of objects: compact and reliable camcorders for small office and complex equipment designed for control of large areas of industry.

CCTV allow one or more operators to observe one or many objects that are often located at a considerable distance from each other and from the point of observation. The results of the CCTV systems can be used directly in real time or to record on the special devices recording (DVRs, video servers).

Modern CCTV systems perform the following functions:

  • Full control of what is happening in the areas of video surveillance;
  • Recording a video stream of the installed video cameras (CCTV cameras, IP cameras);
  • Displaying and fixation of visual situation in "alarms" video surveillance zones when receiving an alarm signals from the alarm system;
  • Auto launch of "alarm of displays" image operators associated with the situation that has arisen (mode detection of activity in the area of surveillance video cameras);
  • The ability to output images from multiple cameras to monitor in multi-screen mode;
  • The ability to save archive of video surveillance on external media (even who are beyond the territory of company), review and image transmission by standard of digital data.

Such elements of video surveillance systems as video intercoms, video cameras, IP cameras can be found in offices, stores, warehouse and industrial premises. CCTV in stores allow to lower the number of thefts, to restrain offenders from illegal actions, helps to control the work of staff and generally, increasing the safety of shop or mall. On the production, installation of CCTV increases labor productivity, because CCTV is a way of visual monitoring and allows companies to track and fix all actions of employees in the workplace. With IP cameras can to watch the activities of your office from any place on Earth. Also, video surveillance systems are imperative in banks, in nightclubs, in entertainment. Nowadays, the installation of video surveillance - is an economical and profitable way to get the full amount of information about the real situation in your office, enterprise or at production.